Dumbo Designs New Deputy Mayor “Alicia Glen” Gets High Hopes From NYC Architects

The choice of Goldman Sachs alum Alicia Glen to be Bill de Blasio’s new deputy mayor for economic development and housing is getting the thumbs-up from the city’s architectural sector—especially the addition of “housing” to her title. “She’s perfectly situated, with both the title and the mandate, to carry out the campaign promises of the … Read more

Dubmo Designs Williamsburg Apartment Made Of Shipping Containers

You may recall pioneering couple David Boyle and Michele Bertomen, who popped up on our radar after they converted a small plot of land at 351 Keap Street in Williamsburg into a house…made of five shipping containers. Their adventures building a 1,600-square-foot architectural anomaly has inspired others to embrace the boxed life. The cute couple has opened … Read more